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Videographer/Editor – Milnerton

Short Summary:
Under the supervision of the Marketing Manager, this position is responsible for a wide array of film-related tasks ranging from planning, filming, editing & directing. The ability to work autonomously, efficiently and in a flexible manner within the marketing team is crucial.

• Responsible for the physical filming and production of video content for all brands. Creating high quality, creative, inspirational videos that will gain maximum exposure via digital platforms.
• Video quality must be produced at a high enough quality that it can be used for television if the need arises.
• Manage pre-production planning and budgeting. Manage production schedule, planning, timelines. This includes tasks such as hiring actors or models, building sets, budgeting, planning, scheduling, renting equipment and tests, to name a few of the many pre-production tasks.
• Manage external costs, if there is any, related to film production.
• Produce video content without assistance and operate independently.
• Stay on trend with how video evolves, especially across social media platforms. For examples: Know which formats to use, how viewers interact with videos online, strive to create to most engaging video content possible using the latest techniques.
• Capture high-quality audio when needed.
• Coordinate with the marketing manager to ensure the film content aligns with and enhances other marketing activities.
• Responsible for all video editing, grading, post-film production. This includes tasks such as the editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert transition effects, working with voice and sound actors, and dubbing, to name a few of the many pre-production tasks.
• Stay on trend with latest editing techniques to keep videos feeling modern, fresh and engaging.
• Maintain and manage the film production equipment to ensure the gear stays in good condition and is used correctly and stored safely. This includes cleaning camera bodies and lenses, general gear maintenance.
• Maintain and archive film projects in a way that it is organized and backed up safely.
• Creative, innovative thinking and idea generation will be expected and required.
• General teamwork with the rest of the marketing team is required.
• Will need to travel when / if required

Key Competencies:
• Diploma or Tertiary qualification in Video Production & Editing.
• Literate and fully bilingual in Afrikaans and English.
• A third African language would be a distinct advantage
• Computer Literate (MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
• Film production knowledge and experience. Advanced understanding of how to use various cameras (Nikon, Canon), lenses, and general filming equipment. Understanding and knowledge of studio lighting and outdoor lighting techniques.
• Editing & post-production skills required. This includes knowledge of Adobe film software like Premiere Pro for editing and After Effects for post-production.
• Organizational and planning skills required for pre-production planning
• Ability to conceptualize, storyboard and direct a film shoot.

• At least 2 years’ experience in a similar role
• Knowledge of additional video editing and post-production software would be a distinct advantage Skills Required:
• Excellent communication skills.
• Analytically minded & logical thinking skills.
• Excellent work ethics and integrity.
• Excellent time management.
• Initiative and drive.
• Problem-solving skills.
• Quality orientated
• Customer Service orientated
• Tolerance for stress
• Energetic
• Team player

We invite candidates to forward their comprehensive CV’s to the Human Resources Department via e-mail at or hand deliver by no later than Monday, 25th of January 2021.

Send comprehensive CV’s to