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Canola Meal: Increases Milk Production


Canola meal has a well balanced amino acid profile and a high level of bypass protein, which helps your cows to produce even more top-shelf milk. Cows do not only require feed with high crude protein levels but also the correct type of protein, bypass protein enables your cows to use all the valuable proteins in their feed, in the most efficient way possible, meaning less protein ends up in their manure.

Milk protein score:

You can also look at this through the canola meal’s milk protein score. Feed ingredients are often given milk protein scores as another way to measure their value. The milk protein score takes the amino acid profile of protein sources and then compares it to the amino acid composition of the milk itself. Canola meal has the highest milk protein score among vegetable-based protein sources, including soybean meal. This means that canola meal does not only increase milk production but also milk quality..

Canola meal benefits:

– Cows fed canola meal as their primary protein source averaged 2.2 pounds more milk per day when compared to cows fed primarily soybean meal.
– A great source of bypass protein, meaning more protein makes it through the rumen to be used for milk production.
– Canola meal has been proven to pair well with high-forage diets, as well as with a variety of grains and starches.
– Canola meal is a rich source of phosphorus, often a costly required nutrient.

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