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Canola as a rotational crop.

Canola has proven itself through the years to be an excellent cash crop in South Africa, while also being a preferred rotational crop among many farmers in the Western Cape. So, let’s take a closer look at the various benefits of canola as a rotational crop and why farmers choose to plant canola.

Benefits of canola as a rotational crop:

– Expanded weed control options.

– Increases the yields of subsequent crops.

– Improves soil tilth.

– Diversifies your marketing profile.

– Improved water infiltration.

Wheat farmers have experienced increased yields of up to 20-30% the following year, while also increasing the yield of other subsequent crops in your rotational cycle.

Is there a market for canola in South Africa?

Yes, South Africa has a strong local canola market with Southern Oil (PTY) Ltd being the largest canola crusher in Africa, Southern Oil (PTY) LTD also offers farmers access to a full-time agricultural team working with over 500 local farmers to help them get the best out of their crop, while also working with many first-time growers to help further expand the canola footprint in South Africa.

Is canola farming right for me?

If you’re considering planting canola, please get in touch with our agricultural team so we can discuss this possibility further, we are more than happy to assist you. For any enquiries please send an email to Izané Leygonie-Crous at or alternatively give us a call on 028 514 3441.