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Canola & Bees: Using Only Authorized Pesticides news

Canola & Bees: Using Only Authorized Pesticides

Bees and canola have an incredible mutually beneficial relationship, this is why we encourage farmers to only use authorized pesticides as unlicensed pesticides can upset this mutually beneficial “union” and hurt or possibly kill thousands of bees resulting in your crop not benefiting from these amazing little pollinators.

Below we have listed just a few benefits bees have on your canola crop:

– Pollinators are needed for the production of quality hybrid seed.
– Encourages higher yields.
– Research suggest that pollination by bees also encourages more uniform flowering.
– Increase the number of pods per plant and seeds per pod, as well as the seed weight

The Benefits of Canola for Bees:

–  Canola flowers produce high amounts of nectar, this nectar has a great sugar profile for honey production.
–  Canola fields allow efficient feeding, bees can feed without covering large distances.
–  Canola fields bloom for relatively long periods, so one field can provide bees with a good source of nectar for up to a month.
–  The light colour and mild flavour makes canola honey a top choice in the marketplace.
–  Canola pollen is high in protein, fat and contains all the amino acids bees require to finish their life cycle.

Unfortunately, the spraying of unlicensed pesticides severely risks any of the above benefits to take place, so please do consider only using authorized pesticides, the bees and your crop will thank you.