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Soill Careers

Silo Operator (x4)

Short Summary: The main responsibility of this position is to take control of and be accountable on a shift basis for the silo equipment and plant. This position will be responsible to assist the silo manager with the movement and storage of all incoming seed. (canola- and maize germ seed), storage of oilcake, all oilcake bagging and stacking and loading activities related to silo control. Responsible for the supervising and managing all personal reporting to him per shift and control the rotation and packing of oilcake in bags according to MRP requirements.



• Firstly, this position will be responsible to took control and operate all machinery and their operation during his shift

• This person is responsible to stop and start all equipment within silo complexes, and must ensure all equipment and machinery are operated efficiently and safe. This will be in conjunction with all downstream production units

• All breakdowns and deviation and defects regarding equipment must be reported to silo manager and maintenance supervisor on a continuous basis

• Must assist maintenance personnel with task during breakdowns to ensure efficient plant availability

• Assist silo manager with weigh-in and record keeping of all incoming seed

• Assist silo manager assist with grading of all incoming seed

• Assist silo manager assist with supervision of offloading of seed

• Assist silo manager with allocation of the seed to the relevant silos

• Drying of the seed

• Temperature monitoring of the seed and cake silos

• Air rating of all silos

• Be responsible to continuously monitor cake silo and seed silo levels and the product structure and formation within silo

• Will on a continuous basis monitor and report fill levels of all product levels within silos and report to silo manager, (if deviation is noted). At the end of each shift reporting and handover will be done

• Assist the silo manager by supervising silo cleaning and reworking. Will be responsible to recycle oilcake within cake silos on a continuous basis according program as agreed with silo manager

• The silo operator will ensure holding bin for bagging units will be filled according planning schedule with the correct amount of product to be bagged

• Responsible to supervise and operate oil cake packaging equipment. This will include the 50kg bagging and bulk bag handling. The shift operator will be responsible to pack and bag cake according production schedules from MRP as per instruction from silo manager

• Ensure continuous quality monitoring is performed according procedure

• Will ensure all control documentation is completed and handed in to silo manager at the end of each shift

• Will report all quality deviations to silo manager

• Will ensure all bagged product is stored according good storage practice

• The silo operator will be responsible per shift to load bulk oil meal loads from meal storage silos. He will be responsible to ensure bulk loads are loaded according the loading document requirement as supplied by dispatch supervisor. This position will operate and control silo out loading equipment to ensure correct loading take place

• Silo operator in conjunction with dispatch supervisor will ensure bagged and packed product is identified and loaded correctly from storage area

• The silo operator shall always ensure good housekeeping practices and compliance to master cleaning schedules

• The silo operator will be responsible to supervise his team at all times

• The silo operator shall ensure his subordinates are controlled and will ensure at all times that they are efficiently performing task according plans and schedules. Will report all non-conforming actions to silo manager. Will assist silo manager

• Be responsible for all employees under control regarding timekeeping, reporting silo manager of disciplinary non-conformances, performance management issues

• Will ensure policy and procedure of Soill will be applied at all time and will assist silo manager with training and communication on floor level

• Will be available for all training as required and scheduled by management

• Will comply to safety, food safety, and environmental procedure and as per Soill Policy. It can be expected from all employees to be appointed with certain responsibilities as required by OSHact, food safety regulations and environmental regulations

• Any other reasonable relevant task allocated by silo manager as required by plant operations


Key competencies:

Education and skills

• Grade 12

• Computer literate

• Literate in Afrikaans or English

• Forklift license


• Applicable grain grading and handling experience

• Previous experience on grain handling and conveying equipment

Interpersonal skills:

• Proven track record of:
o Excellent leadership qualities
o Excellent work ethics
o Excellent time management
o Initiative and drive

• Be disciplined and reliable

• Must be focused

• Must take ownership and answerability


Shift requirement for this position:

• It will be required to work a 4-shift configuration as per table below

• It will be required to work overtime from time to time when:
o Operational requirements as determined by management
o Leave by other operators
o Sick leave by other operators
o Special leave by other operators
o Training by other operators as arranged by management


We invite candidates to forward their comprehensive CV’s to the Human Resources Department via e-mail at or hand deliver by no later than Wednesday, 20 March 2019.

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