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The mission of SOILL is to be a profitable and sustainable leader in the development and production of high quality healthy products in the edible oils industry. We earn the loyalty and respect of discerned customers through consistent product excellence and by providing customer service of the highest standards. We add value to the agricultural industry through technological innovation. We care for the environment and well-being of all by producing products that promotes healthy living in an ecologically friendly manner. We strive to uplift the community and to build a prosperous workforce.


  • ACCOUNTABILITY -At SOILL we accept responsibility for our actions and utilize experience and good judgement to make the correct business decisions.
  • REMAIN GROUNDED -In our dealings with each other and all our stakeholders, we always remain humble and listen. We realize that we do not know everything and are eager to learn from those around us and pass on generously what we learn to others.
  • RESOURCEFUL - At SOILL we utilize creativity, imagination and team cooperation to solve unusual problems or take advantage of anticipated opportunities.
  • VIBRANT – At SOILL we’re dynamic, forward thinking and able to challenge our own views, we however appreciate the daily opportunities provided to have fun and enjoy life.
  • WELL-BEING – At SOILL our people are our greatest resource. We empower and support our staff and stakeholders to grow, learn and prosper as unique individuals.