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Section A: In this section please rate your experience dealing with our various departments.

How would you rate your general experience with SOILL?
How would you rate your experience with the SOILL logistics team?

How would you rate your experience with the SOILL sales team?

How would you rate your experience with SOILL finance/admin team?
How would you rate the product quality and consistency received from SOILL?
Are you satisfied with the way in which quality control personnel deal with inquiries/complaints/requests?

Section B: In this section please rate our communication and service delivery.

Does SOILL contact you proactively regarding your orders?
Do you feel that SOILL is managing your account effectively?
Are you kept up to date on the delivery schedule?
Does delivery occur as informed by SOILL personnel?
Are you contacted by our sales team to optimize our truck routes?

Section C: In this section please answer these quick Yes or No questions.

Do you feel the relationship with Southern oil is a business partnership or purely transactional?
Are you confident that Southern Oil will remain your edible oil supplier of choice?
Do you feel the QC person handling your query/complaint/request is a good representative of the company in the sense of promoting the goodness of the products?
Do you find SOILL’s drivers professional and helpful?

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