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Bottling Shift Supervisor Assistant

Short Summary:
The main responsibility of this position is to take charge of all packaging production lines per shift. It will be required of this position to assist the Bottling Shift supervisor to ensure all procedures regarding equipment setup and operation, reporting regarding shift activities, autonomous maintenance, quality, housekeeping, Food Safety, Health and Safety and reporting regarding the production lines is adhered to during his/her shift. This position will assist the Bottling Shift Supervisor regarding the mentioned tasks to ensure product is packed according planned schedule.


 Pack product according production planned as instructed by bottling plant manager. This position will be required assist setup all line equipment and to take charge of change overs on all production lines and report to bottling shift supervisor any deviations or challenges faced if necessary. This will include unscramblers, dropdown shutes and star wheel guide, conveyers and guides, lowerater equipment, filling machines, capping, labelling, shrinking and sellotape, mayo mixing equipment ext.
 Receiving of packaging material
o Ensure that correct packaging material are received for specific production requirement
o Ensure correct quantity are received
o Ensure correct quality are received
o Report immediately any deviations to bottling manager
o Ensure receiving documents are completed
Ensure safe storage during production by allocating packaging material to specific line storage area
 Must ensure oil supply line is optimal controlled through correct selection of type of oil, correct tank selection, correct valve and pipe selection, filter selection and correct pump operation ext.
 This position will be responsible to ensure correct makeup of blends as per production schedule. The shift supervisor assistant will assist to take charge of the makeup of all blends
 according to correct procedure and requirements and will ensure availability for production line
 This position will assist the bottling shift supervisor for effective operation of all production lines and will ensure maximum line efficiencies during duration of shift. This will include:
o Reacting to deviation
o Optimal setup of equipment and continuous monitoring thereof
o Limit all wastage
o Fault finding and reporting to Bottling Manager if not able to solve problem on own
o Efficient handling of machine downtime. Ensure downtime is minimised by ensuring any unknown deviations are reported immediately to next level of support
o Assisting bottling shift supervisor and maintenance personnel with corrective actions
 This position will assist the bottling supervisor with autonomous maintenance within plant and equipment
 Report maintenance issues to bottling shift supervisor
 This position will ensure final product is packed within correct configuration during palletising. This include: boxes, pallets ext.
 This person will ensure continuous quality check being performed by him/herself and line operators. The following QC responsibilities will be required by this position:
o Filter checks, pressure gauge checks, process control document, packed material checked list, return document, spoiled report
o Barcode stickers, Pallet batch ID, samples to laboratory, personnel hygiene check list, master cleaning schedules, glass and hard plastic register, fill level verification and corrective action, QC verification and corrective actions to packed products specs, barcode and date coding changes are correct
 This person will ensure all damage material is stored in correct identified containers and are reported accurately at end of each shift
 After each production run this person is responsible all unused material is identified and returned to the stores
 This position will be responsible for effective housekeeping of the bottling plant and all areas of responsibility which can include:
o This position will be responsible for leading and motivating all Teams per shift
o Effective time management of the teams
 This position assists the bottling shift supervisor to ensure all logs, inspections downtime reporting is completed per shift and maintained up to date per shift
 Will be available for all training as required and scheduled by management
 It will be expected from this person to assist the bottling manager to train all personnel regarding their operational functions, equipment operation, quality requirements, food and safety requirements
 Will comply to safety, food safety, and environmental procedure and as per Soill Policy. It can be expected from all employees to be appointed with certain responsibilities as required by OSH act, food safety regulations and environmental regulations
 Any other reasonable relevant task allocated by bottling shift supervisor/bottling manager as required by plant operations


Key competencies:
Education and skills
 Grade 12
 Conversant in Afrikaans or English
 Previous experience is needed within FMCG environment
 Food Safety (FSSC)
 Labour relations and staff discipline
 On the job training of staff
Interpersonal skills
 Must be able to lead various small teams
 Good time management
 Be disciplined and reliable
 Must be able to work well together in a leadership team


We invite candidates to forward their comprehensive CV’s to the Human Resources Department via e-mail at or hand deliver by no later than Wednesday, 20 March 2019.

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